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Sbāgata, Welcome

It is with great pleasure that I present this catalogue on the occasion of my first photography exhibition.


The more photographs I have taken on my journeys, the more the human being has become the focus of my interest. Above all I have been fascinated by the deep insights into the authentic expressions of strangers, their dignity and presence. My photographs give immediate access to these magnificent human beings.


Allow the portraits to speak to you! Meet the unknown without any bias.

May the short descriptions help you to relate to the situation, the moment the pictures were taken, the actual encounter between photographer and subject. Look at the pictures from the distance as well as close-up, look deeply into the eyes of the „unknown“. Look at the faces as if you were taking in a landscape.


You will find life depicted in all its aspects. Some of the pictures show pure life force, others poverty and hardship, some may be shocking, and there is also joy and happiness.

Look into the eyes and transcend all boundaries between human beings. Origins, social status, colour, gender and age become irrelevant.


Let yourself be touched by many precious details, by the diversity of expressions of smiling and sad faces, by life itself.


Dhan’yabāda Thank you

Gerry Huber

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